Mondays are my busiest days. I go straight from one job to the other and I have to stay later on Mondays than on any other day of the week. I leave the apartment by 7:45 in the morning and am home around 11:45pm, typically. It’s doable, especially since neither job is physically strenuous, but after a relaxing two-week break the transition back is a bit tough! I also have felt like I wasted the break, despite doing a lot of the things I wanted to do during my time off. I spent the last week of December just swimming in relaxing activities: reading, practicing my Japanese, trying new recipes, crocheting, and spending time with friends, husband, and cat. The second week of break (and the first week of January), I spent a lot more time lounging around. I still did quite a bit of the above, but I felt a little disappointed for some reason. I guess I’d hoped that I would venture out a bit more and do some exploring, but my home-body heart kept me indoors for the most part.


2017 flew by so quickly to me. I felt a lot of stress and strain throughout the year due to finances and the uncertainty of the future, so my reflex reaction was, as it always has been, to attempt to passive-aggressively ignore it. A great tactic, I know. At times, the anxiety really overwhelms me so I’ve never been great at attacking it head on. The problem, aside from the problems not going away, is that I tend to loaf and avoid to the point that time just…passes me by. At 25 years, I already feel like life is slipping away from me; mortality is tap-tap-tapping at my window and I feel the weight of it. In light of this, my goal is to practice mindfulness. Rather than a traditional, concrete resolution, I just want to continue to think about the world around me, thank God for my many blessings, seek out adventure, and love unceasingly.


Quantitatively, I’ve been doing some of the things that I am promising to post here, but I also bought a guided journal to help me practice this mindfulness concept. Now don’t assume that I am, by any means, a journaler. The idea of journaling does not appeal to me much as a spontaneous heart. However, this book, “52 Lists for Happiness,” provides just enough structure without being strenuous. I saw it in a gift store and thought the idea was intriguing, though I don’t love every single prompt. So I told my mom about it and she gave it to me for Christmas. I excitedly completed the first prompt the day after Christmas, then ignored it for two weeks and began to feel guilty. BUT, I won’t let the pressure of typical resolutions crush me!





And so I’ve resolved myself not to be discouraged about it. I wanted to share a few pictures of the book, because it is so lovely and I really do like it so far. List 1 is my most extensive so far, as I kept coming back to it over the last two weeks. I will finish this up now since this post is getting lengthy. I’ll share my list below in case you wanted to read it. I probably won’t share many more as I continue on, but if there are any I like, I might post them.


  • A good cup of coffee
  • Being around people I love
  • Expressing myself well in my art
  • Expressing myself well with my words
  • Colorful things
  • Laughing
  • A good hair day
  • Stories of hope
  • Silly dancing
  • Baking something delicious!
  • Making someone smile
  • Hot food
  • Getting my hair washed and cut
  • Creatively made art, movies, etc.
  • Pretty colors
  • A smooth pen
  • Trying new things
  • Having a positive impact at work
  • Tasty pastries
  • Asian food
  • Italian food
  • A cozy place to sit
  • A good book
  • Going on adventures


What makes you happy right now? I’d love it you share some in the comments!

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