Japanese “Pancake”

I’ve recently discovered that I quite enjoy cooking and baking. I always knew I loved eating, but there’s a certain joy to working to create something new. I recently tried this, a Japanese “pancake,” which is really a pan-cooked souffle. It has a very simple recipe but took a few tries to get right.
You will need a deep pan with a cover, metal cookie cutters (the recipe suggested a circular English muffin tin, but I used heart-shaped cookie cutters of varying sizes before deciding on the middle size, about 3 by 4 inches), and an electric hand or standing mixer for whipping the egg whites.
Lastly, it is important to note that the author of the recipe did not exactly specify how hot to heat the pan. My electric stovetop was waaayy too hot at 5 (out of 8 heat settings). After burning three pancakes, I lowered the setting to 3 and let it cool before starting again. The result was much better then.


The eggs need to be whipped about 3 minutes on high, until firm enough to leave a trail on the whisk.

You want a tall, fluffy pancake that can be covered in a bit of syrup, fruit, and/or powdered sugar. It was so delicious!! Let me know if you try or have tried a Japanese souffle-style pancake, and if you had any additional suggestions for success!

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