Lazy Ciabatta Sunday 

Today was supposed to be a busy, productive day, but I woke up with a terrible migraine. So instead, it turned into a relaxing, lazy baking day. 

I started the ciabatta dough last night so the yeast could sit, then continued the process around 2 pm this afternoon. I had to relax a while until my migraine faded, then got all dressed and ready to go! I’m not sure the recipe (see here) went quite to plan, but it still tasted pretty good! I shared it with friends for our weekly Sunday dinner and had it alongside a vegetable soup that one of them made.

I also wanted to share about my lazy Sunday hairdo. Since I’m still working to grow out a pixie cut, I am rather limited with hairstyles. I also have to be really professional during the week, so that limits my hairstyles further. That’s why I usually do small French braids on the weekends. I can just barely make twin plaits with my short hair, but it’s easier to do a ‘cheating’ version. 
I begin each French braid at the front, and braid back to about the crown of my head, gathering pieces to add to the braid. Then I continue the strand I’m on, braiding it normally until there’s no hair left and I tie it off separately from the rest of my hair. I then gather the rest of my hair up and meet the bottom of the braid to make the mini pigtail. I also often tie the mini pigtail off by tucking it under here. I just think it looks cuter!

You can see how continued the regular braid more on the left than on the right, but since it’s a lazy day, I don’t really worry too much about what it looks like. Now, time to go enjoy soup and bread!


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