From-Scratch Pizzas

I love pizza.

Seriously, it’s abnormal and unhealthy. I am so addicted to pizza. My first job was working in a family-owned pizza place, and I love trying different toppings and sauces. So I got to thinking that it might be good to try making my own (also better for my budget).

I’ve gotten a couple of practice sessions in with making my own dough and now I feel ready to host a mini-pizza party for my friends! As I’ve said before, we usually get together on Sundays for lunch or dinner, so I told them that this week I would provide dough and marinara sauce if they brought their own toppings.

Lately something has been bothering my stomach, so I’m attempting to avoid dairy to see if it helps. For mozzarella, I am using an imitation cheese. I decided to make mine a Japanese sweet potato (ube) pizza with olive oil and crushed garlic as a sauce, thinly-sliced scallion, and green onions.

Ube and Scallion Pizza

Here are my friend’s pizzas (and my husband’s calzone)!

Chicken BBQ Pizza
Everything Pizza
Pepperoni & Salami Pizza
Pepperoni & Salami 2.0
Calzone-Style Meatza
Meatza Calzone cross-section


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