Healthy Snacks

I’m 25 and while I don’t really feel like that’s a hugely significant age, I have been feeling a bit less youthful the last year or so. That’s why I’m working on making healthier choices and really thinking more about what I put into my body. So tonight after working out I thought I’d share some healthy snacks that I’ve been enjoying.

After working out, water that is flavored with fruit is a really nice way to get me to keep hydrating! I like to add as much as possible to make it more delicious. I like lemon slices, cucumbers, blueberries, mint, and orange slices (not pictured). I like to mix it up.

A bagel with vegan cream cheese and jam. I just eat one half of a bagel at a time because I don’t want to eat toooons of bread (I love it too much).

And lastly, chamomile tea. This has been a staple before bed lately. It helps me wind down and relax a bit. I also like this organic peppermint green tea I have — so good!

What healthy snacks/treats have you been enjoying lately??

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