January 2018’s Favorite Things

Things to listen to

I have a really weird music taste because I used to discover music as a kid by scanning through the radio and stop whenever I heard something interesting. It started with my walkman radio and headphones, then evolved into making myself mixtapes on my boombox. I almost never knew the artist or song title, but I knew that they were songs I liked. All this to say, I’m sorry if you don’t like my musical preferences — I just listen to what I like!

Moving on! My first fave of 2018 is this album

Things to read

Things to eat

Things to watch

Things to put on your face

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  1. OOOooOOOooo those almonds sound great!! And good for you, your taste is your taste, everyone doesn’t need to like your musical preferences, as long as they make you happy that’s all that matters ❤

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