A Food Story: Sentimental Curry and Rice

Sometimes, a food can evoke emotion and memory, even if it isn’t one that you have eaten for a long time. I tried curry for the first time when I was 20 at an Indian restaurant, and I didn’t like the flavors as much as I expected. Instead, I nibbled on naan bread and felt disappointed in my lackluster culinary adventure. Several years later, I took a chance by getting a package at the store that was supposed to be super easy and had everything you needed except the fresh meat and produce. My husband loved curry, so I wanted to do something nice for him. We loved it.

Fast forward two or three years, somehow curry has become a comfort food to me. I have moved on to using curry paste from a jar, which isn’t super fancy but it works for now. Whenever we have curry night, I look forward to it and excitedly prepare the ingredients. Even though it takes some time, once I get the first spoonful of the warmth, veggies, and rice, I feel it was worth all the work. We usually devour at least two bowls each and I am taken back to fond memories of enjoying it together.

There is something special to me about savoring a meal together that you both enjoy. When I think of curry now, I think of laughing together, watching one of our favorite animes, and snuggling our cats on a cold winter evening. I think of the fragrant smell of spices and the sweet onion in contrast to the spicy curry and coconut milk sauce. Curry is a meal that is best shared with ones you love.

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