Winter Stars — Winter 2019-2020 Spotify Playlist

I love music. Though I am no expert, I enjoy making playlists to reflect my emotions during a season. It can be therapeutic and nostalgic to express myself this way. If you’re looking for some music to reflect this cold and wintry time, you can listen here.

Songs on Winter Stars:

1. Storm Break by Sam Kang (Eng)

2. The Lullaby by Roy Kim (Eng)

3. glimmer by Covet (instr.)

4. Butterfly (Alternative Mix) by BTS (Kor)

5. The Last Thing on Your Mind by Lights (Eng)

6. Yo by Suran (feat. Swings) (Kor)

7. Almost Had Me by Lights (Eng)

8. Loving Someone by The 1975 (Eng)

9. Oyasumi by Priscilla Ahn (Jpn)

10. LOVE by The Oral Cigarettes (Jpn)

11. Skin to Skin by Luhan (Eng)

12. Naked As We Came by Iron & Wine (Eng)

13. TOOGOODTOBETRUE by Gallant, Sufjan Stevens, and Rebecca Sugar (Eng)

14. SUGA’s Interlude by Halsey and Suga of BTS (Eng/Kor)

15. Hush by Everglow (Kor)

16. Intro: Ringwanderung by BTS (Kor)

17. Merry go round by uncoolclub and CIKI

18. 蒼糸 by Indigo la End (Jpn)

19. Front Porch by Joy Williams (Eng)

20. Words Don’t Come Easy by Mamamoo (Kor)

21. OUTRO: Crack by BTS (Eng)

22. LOST ONE by Epik High (Kor)

23. Square (2017) by Yerin Baer

24. WINTER FLOWER by Younha and RM of BTS (Kor)

25. Lay Your Head on Me by Crush and Garibay (Kor)

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