About the Author

Hi there!

I’m Kelsey. I have had several blog sites over the years and have always loved to write. As a child, my goal was always to become some iteration of a writer when I finally “grew up.” That half-baked plan stayed with me through high school and in the first year of my college life. At that point, I fell in love with teaching and began the six-year journey to getting my first teaching job, where I began to teach writing to elementary students. That is where I fell in love with writing all over again.

I am still teaching writing and am constantly trying to find more time to write, myself. In between the teaching and the writing, I truly enjoy drawing and painting, cooking (especially the part where I get to eat), listening to music, and sharing life with those around me. This forum is a space where I will share about my many joys, struggles, and passions. Whether you are a regular or this is your first time checking in, I want to thank you for joining me on these little adventures.