I love music. Often my day begins with all songs on shuffle as I wazh my face and brush my teeth. Sometimes a particular playlist calls to me while driving to work. Grocery shopping, a road trip, doing the dishes, painting. There's a song for every moment. The particilar playlist I want to share is... Continue Reading →

January 2018’s Favorite Things

Things to listen to I have a really weird music taste because I used to discover music as a kid by scanning through the radio and stop whenever I heard something interesting. It started with my walkman radio and headphones, then evolved into making myself mixtapes on my boombox. I almost never knew the artist... Continue Reading →

Current Read [+ a song]

I'm not usually one to get coffee out, but sometimes on a Friday I like to get out early before work and read a bit. Here is my current read: Serving as Senders Today, revised and expanded edition by Neal Pirolo. It's a nonfiction read about the ministry of sending missionaries abroad. I also have... Continue Reading →

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