Matcha Almond Milk Latte

When we were in Seattle last month, we went to the historic Panama Hotel in the international district and had matcha lattes which were DELICIOUS. I finally splurged today on some matcha ($17 for 1.5 oz), but it is such a nice and tasty treat!

Lemon Greetings

Hi there! Boy, has it been a few! I'm sorry I've been neglectful in posting updates here. Spring is a busy time of year for me currently with applying for jobs and preparing hopefully for interviews! Despite being very busy, I really wanted to make something fun to share for the spring season. I've been... Continue Reading →

My Recent Food Adventures (A Summary)

Happy Sunday! I'm back again posting about food I've eaten recently, from snacks to home-cooked meals. I am not vegetarian or vegan by any means, but I have stopped eating dairy, and finding alternatives can be tough at times. I never realized how much of what I normally eat contained dairy! Anyway, here are just... Continue Reading →

DIY Valentine’s Postcards

To me, Valentine's is about making things yourself. I don't remember what I did growing up, but these days I'm all about making my own stuff. One year I made miniature cards with various donuts on the front and "I donut know what I'd do without you." Last year I made a Harry Potter themed... Continue Reading →

The Rest of My Life (Repost)

Originally posted on Sunday, February 9, 2014: I want to attempt to shift my focus a bit. I've been dealing with the muck of life lately and it's healthy, no matter how difficult it is. However, the world seem a little darker when all you talk about is how dark it is. This post is... Continue Reading →

Current Read [+ a song]

I'm not usually one to get coffee out, but sometimes on a Friday I like to get out early before work and read a bit. Here is my current read: Serving as Senders Today, revised and expanded edition by Neal Pirolo. It's a nonfiction read about the ministry of sending missionaries abroad. I also have... Continue Reading →

Healthy Snacks

I'm 25 and while I don't really feel like that's a hugely significant age, I have been feeling a bit less youthful the last year or so. That's why I'm working on making healthier choices and really thinking more about what I put into my body. So tonight after working out I thought I'd share... Continue Reading →

From-Scratch Pizzas

I love pizza. Seriously, it's abnormal and unhealthy. I am so addicted to pizza. My first job was working in a family-owned pizza place, and I love trying different toppings and sauces. So I got to thinking that it might be good to try making my own (also better for my budget). I've gotten a... Continue Reading →

February Goals

Beginnings always feel so full of hope and potential. I look forward with anticipation whenever something is starting. Then as time goes on, I become weary easily. I lose confidence and forget all the hope I once held dear. Since I am practicing mindfulness this year, it seemed like a good idea to use this time to consider how... Continue Reading →

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